Randolf Arriola

CCCD (The Album)

"Although I have released previous recordings, I have chosen to call this my solo debut because with this work I have truly found my personal voice as an artist. It features an extended excerpt from a recording that was originally over one hour and 45 minutes long and was recorded live in one take using live looping in concept and method. The length of the original piece is typical of my creative process, and is the result of an improvisational flow. As I explore, learn and practice, I am reaching for that point where stream of consciousness takes over. When this happens, work becomes play, and I can build, deconstruct, rebuild, create and discover, free from inhibitions and straight from the heart. Often it is like walking a tightrope without a safety net or a destination. Over the years I have imagined, dreamed, experimented, practiced, and performed live looping, and yet continue to discover not only its vast creative possibilities, but a deeper understanding and love of music, sound, and silence." (Randolf Arriola 2011)